Stained Glass

The bald cypress is a mysterious tree. When rooted in muck, it often grows buttresses called knees. No one is certain if the knees primarily support the trunk or allow the roots to breathe. And then there are the fall colors.

Edenton Light

The Edenton light is of one of three screw-pile lighthouses once guarding navigation on Carolina sounds. The other two were lost at sea. A screw-pile lighthouse was mounted in pilings literally screwed into the soft substrate – sand or mud. On the rivers and sounds of coastal Carolina, firm ground was rarely found where a […]


Fog transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary, something unexpected.

Hidden Life of Bald Cypress

What are the possibilities of seeing and thinking without eyes or brain? What sense of self might be distributed across a network of roots and fungi? And how is time perceived by an individual whose life spans centuries?