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Sidney Creek
Beaufort County, NC

I live on the banks of Chocowinity Bay. Sidney Creek enters the bay a half-mile from my house. I’ve spent a lot of time on the meandering creek, my introduction to blackwater creeks.

The mouth of the creek is formed by islands of sawgrass, a stout sedge that grows in fresh and brackish swamps and marshes. It’s the plant most closely associated with the Everglades.

It’s aptly named. The long leaves are stiff and tough and the edges are serrated like the teeth of a saw. Only a desperate or foolhardy person would try to wade through a sawgrass marsh.

In winter, the sawgrass turns the color of rust and burnt umber, muted by the fog that often settles on the water and obscures the bald cypress trees. Sidney Creek looks especially evocative in the fog – pensive, patient, waiting for something mysterious.


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Winter fog mutes the colors of sawgrass and bald cypress on Sidney Creek, NC.

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