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Old Washington

Pamlico River
Beaufort County, NC

Like anything that has lived a long life, the river port of Washington has suffered. The harbor district was intentionally put to the torch during the war with the states and accidentally in 1900. The second time was enough; they rebuilt with brick.

Washington has seen a lot of history pass up and down the Pamlico River. In fact, the Pamlico officially ends at the edge of town although it continues another 150 miles inland as the Tar River. The story told around town is that when the Tar-Pamlico was first mapped in the 1700s, survey crews began at either end – the headwaters where the river begins and the Pamlico Sound where it ends. They named it independently and when they finally met on the outskirts of Washington, both teams insisted on their name. Eventually, they compromised, sort of, and the river now bears two names.

It’s probably an apocryphal story. That or the Tar River team mapped 150 miles while the Pamlico River team only 60.


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The brick façade of the Washington, NC waterfront – bright red, whitewashed, or somewhere between – is only 120 some years old but the port has dominated the Pamlico River since before the American Revolution.

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