Cypress and fog. Sidney Creek, NC.
Cypress and fog. Sidney Creek, NC.

Fog transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary, something unexpected.

I often paddle up Sidney Creek, only a few minutes from my home on the shore of Chocowinity Bay. It was my introduction to the beauty of wetlands and the blackwater creeks of the Carolina coastal plain. It had become familiar, even predictable. I knew what to expect around each bend in the creek until the fog came.

Fog transforms not only sight but sound. It mutes and twists the path sound travels. Nothing is reliable in the fog, not sight or sound or your sense of direction. Fog is an adventure.

On that winter day when I paddled up Sidney Creek, last year’s saw grass stood as brittle as straw. In the spring it would grow green again, the edges toothed like a saw blade. In the spring the osprey and belted kingfishers would return with their high, skirling cries, but that winter day the drowned woods were quiet and pensive.

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