Sidney Creek

Sidney Creek lies only ¾ mile from my house on the shore of Chocowinity Bay, but the short paddle is a transition between worlds.

Whiskey on Chocowinity Creek

Distilling whiskey didn’t become moonshining until after the Civil War; then it became an overtly political act.

Hidden Life of Bald Cypress

What are the possibilities of seeing and thinking without eyes or brain? What sense of self might be distributed across a network of roots and fungi? And how is time perceived by an individual whose life spans centuries?

Oru Maiden Voyage

Getting in and out of the Oru required skills I hadn’t developed sailing boats across oceans.

An Origami Kayak

I have a wonderfully stable hybrid kayak, a 12-foot NuCanoe Frontier, but it weighs 76 pounds and takes a village to move. So I purchased an origami kayak.