This was a dead man’s boat, I’m told.
I’m also told every boat has someone who could love it and every soul has its mate. Maybe that’s true; maybe the dead man loved this boat. Those who survived him, not so much.

Ship’s Graveyard

Castle Island has been many things in its history but in its long association with Washington, North Carolina, it has never been abandoned.

Dark Crossing

The Norfolk-Southern Railroad bridge across the Pamlico River was a monument to the ascendance of the machine. It was the future made visible.

Edenton Light

The Edenton light is of one of three screw-pile lighthouses once guarding navigation on Carolina sounds. The other two were lost at sea. A screw-pile lighthouse was mounted in pilings literally screwed into the soft substrate – sand or mud. On the rivers and sounds of coastal Carolina, firm ground was rarely found where a […]