Edenton Light

The Edenton light is of one of three screw-pile lighthouses once guarding navigation on Carolina sounds. The other two were lost at sea. A screw-pile lighthouse was mounted in pilings literally screwed into the soft substrate – sand or mud. On the rivers and sounds of coastal Carolina, firm ground was rarely found where a […]


Thick stands of sawgrass line the edge of Chocowinity Bay and forms islands that define the banks of Sidney Creek and Chocowinity Creek. In the early morning summer sun they shine like fields of gold but in winter, they become brittle as straw.


Fog transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary, something unexpected.


The air was warm and humid. It enveloped me like a womb. There was no breeze except the one created by my own passage. Water striders dappled the smooth surface of Tranters Creek as I paddled up the North Branch. There were no sounds in the early morning except the jays and a raucous pair […]

Deep Woods

A bald cypress knee-deep in the black water of a Carolina creek is an icon image of the coastal plain.

Refuge: The Alligator River

On a morning in March, I drove my truck down a dirt road straight as a wound drawn across the ditched and drained fields of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. The adjacent fields were filled with stubble dry as straw. Dust billowed behind my truck. No one was in sight. Frost still bleached last […]