Red Wolves

Overarch. Milltail Creek, NC. Print available. Paddling Milltail Creek late in the day, I’m told you could sometimes hear the red wolves howling and howl in response, pretending yourself wild and the last of your kind. I’ve only been there once, on a cold day in February, and I was alone. There are few wolves […]

Fear & Trembling

“…Great serpents with feet,” mouths “large enough to swallow a man whole…with great teeth…so fierce looking and so ugly that every man and beast must stand in fear and trembling of them.” Marco Polo’s comments about alligators.

Blockade Whiskey

Impressions. Milltail Creek, NC. Print available. On a brisk February morning with the sun just above the horizon and the temperature just above freezing, I drove to the end of the Buffalo City Road where it was flooded by Milltail Creek and launched my kayak. There was no one nearby and no sound but the […]


Wallpaper. Merchants Millpond, NC. Print available. Impressions Fall foliage along Milltail CreekAlligator River National Wildlife RefugeDare, Hyde CountiesNorth Carolina Merchants Millpond is an archetypal southern swamp—bald cypress and water tupelo rising from stained water, Spanish moss dripping from tree limbs akimbo, spadderdock and water lily floating on the surface and beneath, alligator and ancient gar […]


Milltail Creek wanders through miles of of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, what was once called swamp but has been rebranded as wetlands.


This was a dead man’s boat, I’m told.
I’m also told every boat has someone who could love it and every soul has its mate. Maybe that’s true; maybe the dead man loved this boat. Those who survived him, not so much.