Ship’s Graveyard

Castle Island has been many things in its history but in its long association with Washington, North Carolina, it has never been abandoned.


Only the infinitesimal calculus of profit and loss determines what survives and what is sacrificed. Tranters Creek is wonderfully unprofitable.

Dark Crossing

The Norfolk-Southern Railroad bridge across the Pamlico River was a monument to the ascendance of the machine. It was the future made visible.

Stained Glass

The bald cypress is a mysterious tree. When rooted in muck, it often grows buttresses called knees. No one is certain if the knees primarily support the trunk or allow the roots to breathe. And then there are the fall colors.

Pembroke Creek

The gracious homes along the banks of Pembroke Creek, North Carolina contrast dramatically with the wildness of the Chowan Game Lands further upstream.

Shadow & Light

There is both wildness and intimacy in a single frame, new life and old, sunlight and shadow. It’s not a place many people will ever see except in a photograph. Sometime soon it may be gone forever.