I’ve been many things in a long life – a soldier, a sailor, a cog in the corporate machine. I’ve sailed small boats across vast oceans, weeks between sight of land, and the length of both U.S. coasts, Mexico to Canada, Florida to Maine. I’ve even written about of those experiences for Sail Magazine (Sleep and Seamanship; McCarthy and the Mouse) but I never expected to be smitten by a swamp.

I live now on the shore of Chocowinity Bay, North Carolina, with my wife of 30+ years and two Portuguese water dogs. I spend my time paddling the rivers, sounds, and backwaters of the Carolina coastal plain, taking pictures from a folding kayak.

Witnessing the beauty of water and light on the coastal plain has become my fascination; sharing that beauty, frozen in a moment of time, has become my passion.

It’s a delicate beauty and easily lost, the reason a percentage of the profits from this site are donated to Sound Rivers, relentless defenders of the waterways of eastern North Carolina.

But this site isn’t primarily about making a profit. For me, it’s about developing a sense of place, a sense of belonging in a time that seems uprooted. It’s about admiring the transient beauty while acknowledging that all things eventually pass. It’s about what I saw, what I learned, and where I came to rest.

Enjoy the journey with me and if you buy a print, know that you’ll be contributing to a good cause.

Charles Thrasher
Chocowinity, NC

Charles Thrasher, Carolina wetlands photographer.

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