Sidney Creek, Chocowinity Bay, NC.

Print #5643

Thick stands of sawgrass line the edge of Chocowinity Bay where the shore hasn’t been armored with bulkheads or piers. at the head of the Bay, it forms islands that define the banks of Sidney Creek and Chocowinity Creek. In the early morning summer sun they shine like fields of gold but in winter, they become brittle as straw.

The plant takes its name from the serrated edge of the leaves that tear at exposed skin. Despite the name, it’s not actually grass but a sedge. The difference has something to do with the arrangement of the leaves on the stem. The name sedge comes from a Latin verb meaning “to cut.” Appropriate for sawgrass.”Sedges have edges.”

On a winter morning on Sidney Creek, the sawgrass stood bleached of color in the fog, the first green shoots of the new year just breaking the surface of the still water. The world seemed hushed, waiting for spring, and in the distance, the thinning mist turned pale rose, tinged by the winter sun.

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Charles Thrasher

An avid photographer deeply interested in the culture, geography, and history of coastal Carolina.
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