The Salish Sea

It’s late in March and a lowering sky hangs heavily over the village of Kingston and Appletree Cove. There are no apple trees on Appletree Cove. There never were. Lt. Charles Wilkes, commanding the United States Exploring Expedition that surveyed Puget Sound in 1841, mistook the flowering dogwoods for something more familiar.

Still, it’s a pleasant place – the village and the cove – on the far
shore of Admiralty Inlet from Seattle. On foggy mornings I can hear
ships’ whistles on the Sound and the siren at the end of the ferry dock
and the cry of gulls. After years of wandering, figuratively and
actually, this is where I’ve finally come ashore, firmly grounded on
the shores of the Salish Sea.

The Salish Sea is the aboriginal name for the inland waters from
Puget Sound to Johnstone Strait. This blog is about the sea, the shore,
and the people of the Sound, past and present. It’s a perspective
shaped by wind and water, tide and current, and a lifetime of wondering

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