An albatross once landed on my head.  The Doors and the Jefferson Airplane played gigs in my high school gym. (Terry Gilliam is our most illustrious alumni.) My favorite color is stygian blue, a chimera. My hobbies are tai chi and Eve Online . (Who doesn’t like an impossibly complex galactic simulation?) I was discharged as a conscientious objector from a nuclear artillery battalion in the U.S. Army.  If you’re obsessively curious, there’s more of me laid bare in Signature Stories.

I’ve learned you can survive any circumstance except the one you don’t. After than, it doesn’t much matter.

I’ve had an eclectic career – woodcutter, calligrapher, professional sailor, web developer, marketing manager, project manager. I think I’m most proud of my involvement with the Ability Eye Gaze Team that won Microsoft’s first hackathon and the Technology For Good award in 2014. The code we developed that enabled Steve Gleason to control his wheel chair with his eyes was incorporated into Windows 10 in 2017. (Pictured above is me showing Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, progress the team made on the hack.)

I retired from Microsoft and left Seattle to settle in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. I live quietly on a few acres with my wife and two Portuguese Water Dogs.

I’ve left my digital fingerprints smeared across the internet, much of it professionally. You can find my resume on LinkedIn.

We live in interesting time times. That can be either blessing or curse, depending upon your perspective. Your perspective is the only thing you truly own.

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"To see! To see! -that is the craving of the sailor, as of the rest of blind humanity."