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I was casting about for a way to re-enter this blog after an overlong hiatus–short of trailing flames and broken heat tiles–when I came across this entry on the Proper Course. Just the thing to distract from my lack of diligence.

For those who’ve been in a cultural funk for the last few decades and haven’t heard about Burning Man, it’s an ephemeral event that occurs annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, the artistic equivalent of a running skirmish. It’s an education in performance art just thumbing through the 1,720 images archived on the 2006 event’s official web site.

I suppose the founding of the Burning Man Yacht Club (BMYC) was inevitable, although frankly it never occured to me.

Founding members of the Burning Man Yacht Club, where brevity is valued as a virtue, at least in the official club uniform.
(Graphic courtesy of www.wherescherie.com.)

 “At Burning Man, safety really is first,” Dustin Fox was quoted in an article published by the Orange County Register. Dustin is apparently one of the flag officers of the BMYC, although it’s difficult to be certain given the lack of insignia. “Our yacht club would like to report that there were no drownings at Burning Man this year.”

Dustin Fox poses in little more than a fanciful pirate’s hat beside another BMYC member more demurely dressed in a barrel. (Graphic courtesy of www.wherescherie.com.)

Thank God there’s still a sense of humor among sailors, and a fondness for rum.

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Darkness Visible

Since I left a hard and unforgiving church at the age of 18, I’ve believed neither in heaven nor hell, neither God nor the devil. Instead I believed in an endless continuum between those extremes, a human continuum. “For there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Now my disbelief has been shaken. The actions of a single man in a one-room Amish schoolhouse seem so unconscionably malicious that I’m nearly forced to believe in unadulterated evil, in darkness made visible.

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